Dynamic Data Protection

Dynamic Data Protection data loss prevention
Dynamic Data Protection data loss prevention
Secure Your Data Dynamically, Infodata's Dynamic Data Protection Solution adapts to user behavior, safeguarding sensitive information while maintaining productivity.

Dynamic Data Protection Solutions

In today's digital landscape, data security is paramount but static data protection solutions can be cumbersome, hindering user productivity. Dynamic Data Protection offers a smarter approach.

Dynamic Data Protection data loss prevention
  • Context-Aware Analysis

    Dynamic Data Protection goes beyond identifying sensitive data. It analyzes user behavior and access attempts, understanding the context behind every interaction.

  • Risk-Based Scoring

    By correlating user activity with data sensitivity, a dynamic risk score is assigned. This score dictates the level of scrutiny required.

  • Adaptive Security Controls

    Security measures are no longer one-size-fits-all. Dynamic Data Protection adjusts controls (e.g. encryption, access restrictions) based on the risk score, ensuring appropriate safeguards without unnecessary friction.

Features of Dynamic Data Protection

Infodata's Dynamic Data Protection solution prioritizes user behavior analysis, risk-based scoring, and adaptive security controls to safeguard sensitive information dynamically, ensuring both security and productivity.

  • User Behavior Monitoring

    Gain insights into user activity to identify potential threats and anomalous behavior.

  • Data Classification & Discovery

    Accurately classify sensitive data across your systems to ensure comprehensive protection.

  • Automated Policy Enforcement

    Define security policies that automatically adapt based on risk scores, streamlining security management.

  • Real-Time Threat Detection

    Proactively identify and respond to data security breaches before they cause damage.

  • Customizable Alerts

    Set up alerts for specific user behaviors or data access patterns to stay informed about potential security risks.

  • Incident Response Automation

    Automate the response to security incidents based on predefined rules and protocols, ensuring swift action to mitigate threats.

82% of organizations struggle with implementing dynamic data protection strategies effectively.

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