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In partnership with the best of breed Independent Software Vendors, Infodata Professional Services provides application software and solutions across a broad range of use types.

Solutions and Services Available
IT Security Solution
Digital Transformation and Management Software Solutions

Digital transformation is the ongoing process of leveraging digital technologies to transform and improve business performance by creating operational efficiency, enhancing customer engagement, and developing innovative products or new business models.

By connecting digital transformation processes to the overall strategy management features of the Corporate Business Management Platform, CEOs, Directors and the C-suites can clearly see the impact of transformation on the organization. They can drill into more detailed views of the digital transformation initiatives.

IT Security Solution
Data Classification Applications for Structured and Unstructured Data.

Data classification is broadly defined as the process of organizing data by relevant categories so that it may be used and protected more efficiently.

Data classification helps you prioritize your data protection efforts to improve data security and regulatory compliance. It also improves user productivity and decision-making, and reduces costs by enabling you to eliminate unneeded data.

Data is commonly classified as public, confidential, sensitive or personal, although there can be a customized classification of data.

One single vulnerability is all an attacker needs
to cripple your business

The right IT infrastructure backed by a reliable security solution is critical in increasing efficiencies of an organization while protecting its resources. Let’s discuss ways to drive innovation securely in your business processes.

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